About DealChicken

About DealChicken

DealChicken hand-plucks the top neighborhood businesses and then cultivates the best local deals. We deliver those deals to you via email, so you can find the finest stuff to do, see, eat and buy, all at deeply discounted prices—right in your own backyard.

Where it all began

Sure, there are other social commerce sites out there. But the DealChicken difference is this: Behind the scenes is your local Gannett newspaper or television station, which has been a long-time trusted member of your local community. DealChicken was first hatched in Phoenix in 2010. We’re now expanding to more than 50 cities across the country.

Meet the DealChicken

Now that you know a bit about the business, it’s time to introduce the one and only DealChicken. (We’re just the peeps who deliver the deals, after all.)

My name

Folks call me the DealChicken because of my uncanny knack to forage all over town to find great deals, whether it's uncovering a neighborhood gem, or discovering the perfect destination that’s just a stone’s throw away.

My mission

To bring you the freshest Grade-A deals, each and every day.

My philosophy

Everyone loves to save money. But I'm no cheap chickadee. To me, a DealChicken deal has to be much more than just a discount. That’s why I work my tail-feathers off to ensure that you get only the best products, services and experiences, all at squawk-worthy prices.

My process

Reporting is in my genes—I have a beak for news—so I observe, listen and read. I’m a trivia buff, so I collect all sorts of fun factoids while surfing the web and then share those tidbits with my friends. (My typing style? Yep, hunt and peck.) I keep up with all of the local news and follow my favorite businesses on Twitter and Facebook. Believe it or not, we chickens have really good hearing. So l flit in and out of neighborhood haunts, listening to what folks are saying, talking to the owners, getting the scoop—and then package it all up in my little deal eggshell. I then pass all of it onto my peeps, who deliver the freshest deals straight to your inbox.

Why I like my job so much

I really love being part of a community, passing along my knowledge and savings to my neighbors. I also enjoy working with the reporters and staff at the local Gannett newspapers and TV stations. Of course, it helps when you insist on working for chicken feed.

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